Become an expert of your car in the Automotive Technology program at OTC. The comprehensive program taught by certified instructors provides students with must-have skills to diagnose and repair automobiles in various entry-level automotive specialty positions. Learn the fundamentals of automotive system design, operation, diagnosis and repair in hands-on classes like Engine Repair, Brakes and Steering and Suspension. Upon completion, students receive an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology.

Auto Body Repair (ABR)

I Want To

  • Work on Cars
  • Paint Cars
  • Fix Dents
  • Weld Sheet Metal
  • Remove Rust
  • Mix Paint
  • Mask, Prime, & Sand
  • Remove Blemishes
  • Weld Plastic
  • Make Cars Look Better!

Automotive (AUM)

I Want To

  • Work on Cars
  • Overhaul Gasoline Engines
  • Repair Disc and Drum Brakes
  • Diagnose Electrical Systems
  • Align Cars
  • Perform Maintenance
  • Make Cars Perform Better!

Diesel (DSL)

I Want To

  • Work on Semi-Trucks
  • Overhaul Diesel Engines
  • Fix Air Brakes
  • Diagnose Electrical Systems
  • Align Semi-Trucks
  • Performa Maintenance
  • Make Trucks Work Harder

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