Design a career with the Graphic Design Technology Program at OTC. Combine your creativity and software skills to produce compelling visual communication that engages, informs, and influences your target audiences. Or, by choosing the Photography program, you can develop your ability to compose photographic imagery that is both aesthetically appealing and informative.

Photos from the graphic design program

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Publication designer

Publication designers develop the layout, visual appearance, and graphics for a range of printed publications. Companies that create annual reports, research papers, books, catalogs, and user manuals use internal or freelance publication designers to add images and graphics to the written information.

Creative director

Creative directors determine the creative vision of a project. They make sure the overall aesthetic and cohesive look stays on track by leading their team through the steps to create something, whether that is a tangible product like a video game, film, magazine or something more abstract like an advertising campaign or brand identity.

Package designer

Packaging designers—or production designers—develop the box, container, and labels on a product to protect the product during shipping and communicate important features to the customer.

Web designer

Web designers assist in developing websites by creating individual web pages, designing page layouts, and developing graphics for the website.

Multimedia designer

Multimedia designers create complex animated images and videos using art and computerized animation programs.

Advertising designer

Advertising designers use graphic design, sketching and photography to create visually compelling marketing materials for a brand or company.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, websites, and more. This job title can cover a huge range of duties in a huge range of industries.

Motion graphic designer

Motion designers create artwork for the web, television, or film. This could include movie clips, trailers, commercials, title sequences.


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