Make a difference in the lives of young children as a member of the Early Childhood Development Program. Whether you’re eager to join an early childhood center as an educator or interested in beginning a four-year early childhood education journey at OTC, the OTC Early Childhood Development Department and its Early Childhood Education Center provide rich, hands-on opportunities for OTC students to learn how to apply their knowledge and skills.

Written, directed, and produced by the Middle College Students in the ECD program to share with the littles since they cannot be on-site in the Early Childhood Education Center this semester. 



An AAS in ECD is designed for:

Photos from the Early Childhood Program

  • Students who want to get into the childcare field immediately can do so with only a few credit hours within most childcare centers across the state and nation. 
  • Students who want a lead teacher job after earning an AAS get hired by Head Start, a highly regarded program for young children, paying a good salary with benefits.
  • Students can also get hired by any school district upon completion of an AAS in ECD by seeking a Para (assistant teacher) for an early learning setting that pays a salary and benefits to assist certified lead teachers in 3K, 4K, 5K, and early childhood special education (ECSE).
  • It provides students the credentials to be an entrepreneur and start one’s own childcare center or family group home program.
  • Students could also work in other fields involving young children ages birth to 8 like Psychology, Social Work, Pediatric medical offices, etc.
  • Students could also work in non-profits that involve various activities and programs for young children birth to age 8.

Does this sound like your dream career? Click the link below to send us your questions about how to get started! 

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