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The Culinary Arts & Hospitality programs at OTC offer exemplary experience at a third of the cost of private culinary or hospitality education options. Offering rich, hands-on learning experiences from trained chefs, hospitality industry veterans, and more. Learn how to operate and manage an on-campus restaurant, design, and market menus for prospective customers, receive national certification in the ServSafe food safety program, and more in this immersive program. Gain the skills needed for supervisory/management positions in restaurants, bars, and hotels; classwork focuses on how to effectively manage day-to-day operations within these areas a variety of hospitality organizations. The Culinary Arts & Hospitality department is designed to prepare students for exciting employment opportunities in the service industry.


Get started on your dream career today! Our program will prepare you for the following dream jobs. 

Restaurant Management

Kitchen Management




Catering & Sales

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