Take to the skies with a hands-on, affordable aviation education program. Ozarks Technical Community College, Premier Flight Center, and the Springfield-Branson National Airport partnered together to provide this unique learning experience for students soar into high-demand and high-paying jobs. Learn the basic and advanced skills required to pursue a commercial pilot license in this immersive program. Gain industry knowledge with ground school classes taught by OTC instructors at the OTC Springfield Campus. Then, take to the skies with  Premier Flight Center LLC. Trained Premier pilots will help get you off the ground with one-on-one flight lessons at an innovative facility, located at the former Springfield-Branson National Airport terminal
Photos from the Aviation Program

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Get started on your dream career today! Our program will prepare you for the following dream jobs. 

After completing the program at OTC
    • Agriculture pilot (crop dusting)
    • Banner Towing
    • Sky-Diver Pilot
    • Flight Tours
    • Aerial Photography
With extra training from OTC
    • Multi-engine rating (most professional pilots will need this)
    • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), add on option of Certified Flight Instructor for Instrument Training
    • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor
With further training beyond OTC

    • Commercial Airline Pilot
    • Federal Express Air
    • UPS Air
    • Many smaller regional companies: Express Jet, JetBlue, Frontier, Wisconsin Air, etc
    • Corporate Pilots
Other jobs in aviation
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Airport Management
    • Airport or Aircarrier Operations
    • Aviation Safety Officer
    • Federal Aviation Administration Safety Inspector
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